0861 BAIL ME



So there you are being tossed in the back of a police car. On the way to the charge office all you are trying
to think about is a number for a reputable lawyer. But through the anxiety of it all your mind hits a blank.
It was this insight that we wanted to create this bail specialist’s brand from the name and logo development
to the creative executions. That’s how 0861 BAIL ME was born.


Now that we had the name in place, we wanted to create a campaign that was going to shock our audiences
and stick in their minds long after they saw it. It is a proven fact that a majority of young first offenders
are male. And every male has a preconceived fear of what life behind bars could mean. We wanted to play
on this fear. So our campaign revolves around the male-on-male karma sutra sex guide within prison, whereby
the illustrations show inmates being intimate with other cellmates. Not a welcoming image for those who are
about to get into trouble and don’t know it yet.

0861 BailMe: Your Prison Sex Guide

This poster for a firm of attorneys ran in several nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Targeted at mainly male-drinkers who over-indulge when it comes to alcohol, it illustrates the rather nasty things that happen in prison. So if you do have the unfortunate luck to ignore the warning and land up in the clink, at least you’ll have someone to call to get you out – 0861 BAILME.


We created posters and flyers and distributed them among our young audiences at raves, bars and night
clubs at selected venues.


In the first night 0861 BAIL ME received 200+ calls and over 1000 visits to their website. The creative was
so well-received that the audience was stealing the posters and we were asked to revisit venues to put up new
ones. Some venues who had originally banned the executions later called us to have their venues stocked too.